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What’s Missing In Your Weight Loss Program

Do you diet and exercise for a while, fall off the wagon, then start back up again when you feel fed up? Yo yo dieting is common but can cause damage to the body when done repeatedly. So many emotions, both conscious and unconscious, are involved in eating patterns. When one consciously decides to begin a new diet and/or exercise routine, willpower is the primary driver of behavior. The problem is, willpower doesn’t work long term; if it did everyone would look the way they want to. Most people generally know what they need to do to lose weight, so how can you stick with what we know works?

weight loss successA high quality health program should include, good nutrition, adequate sleep, stretching, self myofascial release, hydration, stress reduction, and rest between workouts. Beyond these, which are now well recognized by most fitness professionals, the deeper elements of the unconscious mind must be understood beyond just behavior change tactics. Without this critical component, the battle will always be uphill. An inside-out approach is the most effective and is the only way to achieve lasting results with greater ease.

For example, if you believe it is hard to lose weight and get fit or that you have to take extreme measures to achieve goals, then the chances are that you won’t sustain any progress you have made. In fact, often times people end up putting back on the weight they lost plus more. The process is very defeating and leaves many feeling hopeless.

The key that sets you free is not buying another popular weight loss program, but instead is in working with the resistance and emotional triggers that arise when you move toward making changes in your life. An amazing way to expedite the process is by working with a coach who has gone through individuation. A coach who works exclusively on the physical (diet and exercise) level, will only be able to coach you to use your willpower. Instead, you want someone who can teach you skills that help you understand yourself on a deeper and more powerful level. Plus, once you recognize what is really going on behind the scenes (in your unconscious), you will never stay stuck in a rut ever again.