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What Valentine’s Day Taught Me About The Heart

healthy heartI used to love Valentine’s Day as a kid. My dad would give both my younger brother and me a heart shaped box filled with chocolates, one for each of us. It is hard for me now to see those heart shaped boxes in the store. I have hated this holiday for many years but now I want to change my focus. Instead of feeling sorrow and loss around this holiday, I want to focus on making it about strengthening hearts and creating more health for families.

My dad died on Valentine’s Day when I was eight years old and left me confused, devastated, and angry. I really loved him and I didn’t understand why he was taken from me, so this time of year always brings up painful emotions, even though it was so long ago. He was only 38 when he died of a heart attack. When his heart stopped, mine broke.

Through all the pain and confusion, our reduced family of three, took to prioritizing food choices and physical activity. Not surprisingly, as I grew up, I became interested in nutrition and exercise science and the older I get the more curious I am about the body’s processes and what influences those systems. I am passionate about working with women who are becoming new moms because of how influential (both short and long term) their dietary selections and activity patterns are on their baby.

With rising obesity rates (children being the fastest growing subgroup in the United States), that undoubtedly leads to a myriad of very scary health problems, I can see a clear path I want to take in helping women change the fate of their family. The health and weight loss industry is a huge money maker and most adults who invest in it are left with poor results, feelings of defeat, and generally revert back to their conditioned patterns. Statistics show us that starting a healthy lifestyle practice at a young age is significantly more promising and lasting than attempting to force changes later in life.

Pregnancy presents a special advantage to women who know they want to create a different experience for their child because many moms to be are highly motivated to do all they can to create a healthy pregnancy. With the right guidance, healthy practices established in pregnancy not only give your child a giant advantage but are more likely to stay with you, as you have experienced how truly beneficial (emotionally and physically) and life changing they can be. Kids follow the lead of their parents from an early age. Help them succeed in managing their health, starting in the womb!