Walking down the road in a bikini

Want To Wear Shorts But Concerned About Cellulite?

No one wants to feel like they can’t rock their cute summer shorts! Let’s be real, cellulite sucks. Us girls will change an outfit a million times to avoid showing it. Is there another option, other than just covering it up, that doesn’t involve surgery or a diet pill?  Yes!

You can minimize or eliminate cellulite and simultaneously increase bone mass, improve connective and muscle tissue, slow the process of aging, drop pounds, decrease your risk of heart disease and diabetes, improve body image, increase metabolic rate, and improve your sense of happiness and well being. Regularly lifting weights can deliver all of these benefits and it doesn’t have to be an extreme routine.

Appropriate exercise selection and weight load, correct form, and consistency with proper progression are the variables that make up the winning formula for success. There are no true quick fix solutions. If any health or fitness professional tries to offer you one, run for your life because you will probably get hurt in some capacity.  If you are offered a pill or supplement, know that most supplements aren’t FDA regulated and can contain heavy metals, chemicals, fillers, and often do not have what they claim in the amount listed on the label.  Not all supplements are created equal; there are some good ones but you should make sure they are 3rd party tested.

I am always sure to remind my clients that lifting weights blasts calories while you are working out and is the gift that keeps on giving. MUSCLE NEEDS MORE CALORIES TO SUSTAIN ITSELF THAN FAT SO THAT MEANS YOU BURN MORE CALORIES EVEN WHEN YOU AREN’T IN THE GYM!

While it does take effort, a good coach can eliminate a lot of the guess work, make the process fun, and becomes something you look forward to doing. You have more power than you realize to look and feel amazing. All you have to do is give yourself permission to get started.