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The Cost of an Unhealthy Lifestyle

In life, most things we want have a price tag, including our health. It’s no secret that the more unhealthy someone is, the more frequently they must go to the doctor, especially as they age. This article states, ” A 65-year-old, healthy couple can expect to spend $266,600 over the course of their retirement on Medicare premiums alone.”

Skipping on the beachThe standard American diet causes many costly health problems and most trendy diets are hard to stick to, so many people find themselves yo-yo dieting, which can also cause tons of health issues. Strict or extreme diet protocols can leave many feeling defeated. I have heard some people say that they are destined to be fat, which is only true because they believe that story without question.

Change is never easy. It is often easier to make up a story about why we can’t change, rather than go all in. Putting off prioritizing health can cost, not only more money, but also time and freedom down the line. I like to ask myself, “what will this cost me if I don’t make adjustments?” If I don’t like the answer, I know I need to take action.

The benefits of investing in your health early in life are undeniable and have lasting effects. For instance, a pregnant woman who exercises regularly and eats high quality, nutritious foods gives her baby a gigantic health advantage that can last for years beyond infancy. In addition to getting a great healthy start in life, there will be no need to spend energy making necessary health related changes later in adulthood.

Whether you are a parent, influencing the future of your kids, or want to ensure you age gracefully, without high ticket health issues weighing you down, I recommend breaking down any change you want to make into small, doable, actionable steps. It won’t happen over night, but the compound interest on these small adjustments will have you skipping, singing, and feeling good in retirement!