3 Myths You Shouldn't Believe

Three Myths About Working Out While Pregnant

Newly pregnant women are sometimes nervous and fearful about working out, especially if it is their first pregnancy. While this is understandable, fear should not stop you from creating a fit and healthy pregnancy. My goal in this post is to motivate you to start exercising as soon as you learn you’re pregnant.

3 Myths You Shouldn't BelieveMyth One: You can’t start a new exercise routine while pregnant.

Being familiar with exercise is great but it isn’t a prerequisite to beginning a new program while pregnant, especially if you are working with a qualified professional who can teach you proper form. Of course, some exercises are contraindicated but this doesn’t mean that safe and new exercise types cannot be introduced. Not engaging in regular exercise is much more “dangerous” than taking on a new routine.

Myth TwoYou can’t raise your heart rate above 140 BPM (beats per minute).

ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) removed the recommendation that pregnant women should not exercise over 140 BPM back in 1994. Research demonstrates that heart rates vary wildly and a pre-determined, one-size fits all number is not appropriate. Though exercising to exhaustion isn’t ideal, there is flexibility in intensity during workouts.

Myth ThreeYou can’t have a great physique after delivery.

So much of postpartum recovery is influenced by the health and fitness of the mother before and during pregnancy. Waiting till after delivery to work on getting your body back is a big mistake. The stronger and more developed your muscles are leading up to and during pregnancy, the better able they are to rebound after delivery.

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