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    Six Ways To Combat Pregnancy Constipation

    Pregnancy constipation is not fun, but even worse is the constipation that happens after delivering a baby. I had no idea how much anesthesia and subsequent pain medication can back you up. Get ahead of it so that you don’t experience physical trauma, like I did after my c-section. Here are the top six things that helped me most in combatting constipation: 1- squatty potty – this is a great tool to use, whether you’re pregnant or not because it puts you in the optimal position for pooping. 2- bidet – helps get you going if you need it and keeps you clean. Many models have other bonus features that…

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    Challenges Of The Postnatal Woman

    The majority of women will end up giving birth at some point in their life. Because pregnancy and delivery are so common, they aren’t often thought of as an extraordinary experience or accomplishment. Birthing a baby is a major physical event. With this awesome experience comes challenges and changes and the extent of these are directly impacted by the woman’s lifestyle choices and self-care routine. After delivery, there is a period of recovery that should include rest and strengthening of stretched and damaged muscles and connective tissue. If a new mom neglects caring for her body (although easily argued that she can’t or doesn’t have time), this can create muscle imbalances,…

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    Is Stretching A Waste Of Time?

    A few years ago I developed a nasty case of plantar fasciitis.  Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of connective tissue that connects your heel to your toes (bottom of your foot).  The pain was debilitating; as it progressed I wasn’t able to put much weight on that foot upon waking in the morning. It took several minutes of “warming up” in order to walk down the street to the gym. After several weeks of foot pain, I booked an appointment with a recommended foot doctor.  He prescribed me expensive orthotics and said that I needed to tie my shoes.  At the time my shoes were loose fitting and didn’t hug my…