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    Heightened Anxiety Around The Holidays?

    The holidays are just around the corner. For some, this means heightened anxiety. Anxiety seems to exist on a spectrum and is self perpetuating. The fear of feeling fear causes more of it, which only makes it worse and sometimes unbearable. Negative thoughts fuel these feelings and breaking the cycle can be very hard. The good news is, since this is self perpetuating then we hold the power to free ourselves from its intense grip by changing the habit. It might be hard, but not impossible. Telling yourself that you feel good and happy when you don’t won’t work but changing your focus, one thought at a time, is incredibly…

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    3 Ways Overweight Women Can Positively Shape Their Child During Pregnancy

    Many of us struggle with staying the course when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. This could be because you believe that a diet and exercise are a punishment or because you soothe with food when life throws fireball triggers at you. No matter what you grew up thinking and believing, could you now consider that your pregnancy is an opportunity for you to question the beliefs you have and subsequently bring your baby into a completely different and healthy way of existing? As women, we have all been conditioned to believe certain things about our bodies and how we should act and look by our families, friends, and…

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