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    3 Ways Overweight Women Can Positively Shape Their Child During Pregnancy

    Many of us struggle with staying the course when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. This could be because you believe that a diet and exercise are a punishment or because you soothe with food when life throws fireball triggers at you. No matter what you grew up thinking and believing, could you now consider that your pregnancy is an opportunity for you to question the beliefs you have and subsequently bring your baby into a completely different and healthy way of existing? As women, we have all been conditioned to believe certain things about our bodies and how we should act and look by our families, friends, and…

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    Effects Of Obesity On Pregnancy

    Forty percent of American women are obese. Doctors recommend that obese women lose weight before pregnancy. Not only are obese women 35% less likely to become pregnant, but for those who do become pregnant, there is an increased risk of stillborn births by 2x the rate of women who are of normal weight. Obese mothers additionally are at increased risk for complications during pregnancy. Examples of this include, increased risk of miscarriage, c-sections, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and sleep apnea. Babies born to obese mothers are more likely to become obese as children and as adults, suffer from neural tube defects, and be premature. In the U.S., being obese has officially become a marker for…