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Six Ways To Combat Pregnancy Constipation

Pregnancy constipation is not fun, but even worse is the constipation that happens after delivering a baby.
I had no idea how much anesthesia and subsequent pain medication can back you up. Get ahead of it so that you don’t experience physical trauma, like I did after my c-section.
Here are the top six things that helped me most in combatting constipation:
Toilet1- squatty potty – this is a great tool to use, whether you’re pregnant or not because it puts you in the optimal position for pooping.
2- bidet – helps get you going if you need it and keeps you clean. Many models have other bonus features that you may love as well, such as a heated seat.
3- veggies/fiber – nothing like some roughage to get the bowels moving, not to mention all the vitamins and minerals.
4- magnesium – is a big one and very important to make sure you’re getting enough of while pregnant. Check your prenatal vitamin because it likely doesn’t have any magnesium or there is very little in the supplement. If this is the case, take a separate magnesium supplement. There are many different forms of magnesium; some are better absorbed by the body than others, which explains why you may get diarrhea with some.
5- working out (even if all you can do is go for walks) – movement assists in moving food down the digestive tract.
6- drink lots and lots of filtered water – drink water while working out too. I took a sip or two after every set or every few minutes while doing cardio.
Constipation is usually something you think about avoiding when it’s too late. Don’t let that happen to you! And, it never hurts to have an enema at home just in case of an emergency.