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Life Coaching

freedom attained from life coachingIn order to reach big life goals, one must step outside their comfort zone. When making big changes, adjustments in attitudes and thought patterns are necessary. You likely have tried to make improvements in your life and have felt like you’ve hit a wall, or couldn’t really make it happen. If stepping outside the comfort zone were smooth and painless everyone would achieve their desires quickly and easily.

You can’t see what’s unconsciously stopping you. Just because you are not aware of the contents of the unconscious mind doesn’t mean they don’t exist. In fact, the unconscious mind is calling all the shots without your awareness. This explains why change is so hard. So how can one begin to explore a part of themselves that is essentially hidden? Key ways of working with the unconscious mind are in exploring arising situations that create strong emotions, through dream interpretation, and by exploring the resistance felt when moving toward goals.

Unless and until we begin looking inward, our ego will remain in control and progress will feel stalled. Though self-exploration is challenging, it is the path forward and the rewards are undeniable. Coaching is not therapy and it is not dwelling on the past; it’s simply unpacking the assumptions made about life that are stopping you from reaching your goals today. Personal coaching gives new perspective which provides freedom to create more of what you want in life.

Dream interpretation is one of my most favorite parts of self-exploration because of the incredible insight available to us through them. Carl Jung’s work on dream analysis is eye-opening and has personally given me great insight. The symbols that arise in dreams present information about thought patterns in the unconscious mind and gives us clues about the way forward.

Coaching sessions are all about helping you get to the root of an, often ongoing, problem in your life and shines a bright light on the areas in which you hold yourself back from achieving what you most want out of life. Without working with the deeper elements of the mind, you will be reliant exclusively on willpower and the problem with willpower is that it has a very short fuse. The ego will continue to hold the power and life’s frustrations will remain unchanged.

If you choose to supplement your activity and nutrition coaching with life coaching you will be amazed by what you learn about yourself that has been operating behind the scenes in your mind. With this new perspective, you will be able to make monumental changes in your health, fitness, and level of happiness! Each session lasts 45 minutes via phone or zoom meetings.

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