Carbohydrate Challenge

Want to prevent extra weight gain while pregnant?

Join us in our 4 – day Carb Challenge!

You can eat plenty of carbs and stay toned and sexy while pregnant!

Click here to get started with day one of the challenge.

Do you pay attention to what types of food you’re reaching for?

Are they mostly in a box, off the shelf of the grocery store?

Why does it matter?

Watch day one of the challenge to help bring more awareness the types of foods you’re eating each day.

Carb Challenge

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How often are you eating snacks and meals?

Do you wait for certain times of the day to eat?

If you aren’t sure what or how often you’re eating, this can lead to extra weight gain.

Watch day two of the carb challenge to help you pay more attention to how often you’re eating.

Day two of the carbohydrate challenge

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How much water are you drinking each day?

What does drinking water have to do with carbs or weight management?

Water needs go up during pregnancy, so it’s important to be sure you’re getting enough.

Check out day three of the carb challenge to help you get more water.

Day 3 of carb challenge

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If you’re eating all or mostly boxed foods, use today’s challenge to reduce daily servings.

You don’t have to eliminate the things you love to eat.

Learn more in day four of the carb challenge.

Day 4 of carb challenge

In the example below we see how many processed food choices this person is making.

Processed foods spike blood sugar higher (even with smaller amounts) than homemade or natural foods.

This can lead to developing gestational diabetes and/or extra, unwanted weight gain.

The key to eating more carbs without gaining extra weight while pregnant is to time carbohydrate portions throughout the day and reduce processed foods in your diet.


Day of food journal

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