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1-on-1 Personal Training

Personal training is a great way to improve health, increase bone density and muscle mass, elevate metabolism, and feel great. There is nothing quite like having a coach who illuminates the path, encourages and motivates you, and helps you achieve that which you never thought possible before. Julia has seen clients make incredible changes in their health and fitness that have profound effects on other areas of their life. Training with a coach often inspires women to engage in an increasingly active lifestyle with more confidence. This is especially true for pregnant women and new moms.

Exercise strengthens the organs and muscles in the body of both mom and baby. It strengthens tissues that are heavily taxed during pregnancy, which minimizes pregnancy discomfort, as well as gives new moms a huge advantage in postpartum recovery. Regular activity has also been shown to help women with postpartum anxiety and depression. Investing in your health and fitness pays off both immediately and long-term and personal training provides the guidance needed for sustainable results.

training cydneeYou may wonder whether you should train one-on-one. Here are some questions to ask yourself when deciding:

  • Will I prioritize engagement with my online exercise program regularly without a set appointment with my trainer?
  • Do I prefer working closely with my coach at a specific time each week?
  • Am I able to fully commit to my program on my own or is working together one-on-one better for me?
  • How intrinsically motivated do I feel right now to make health and fitness changes in my life?

Remember that no matter which route you decide to take, your results will depend on how engaged you are. This is great because you can get awesome results in any program you choose. Even as a fitness professional, Julia has always enjoyed being trained and has been able to stay active in her own pregnancy. There is nothing like having a personal coach. It is definitely a game changer because it makes exercising fun and something you look forward to.

The best advice Julia can give to anyone seeking a personal trainer is to choose someone you feel connected to, someone you like, whose philosophy resonates with you. The path to greater health starts with this bond so follow your gut and choose someone you know you will enjoy working with.

What you can expect in each personal training session:
During one-on-one personal training sessions, each lasting an hour, you’ll benefit from constant guidance and motivation from your coach. Your exercise program is designed just for you, based on your injuries and goals. We start with a warm-up to prepare you mentally and physically for the workout. Sessions may include weight lifting, bands, balance training, interval training, body weight training, foam rolling, and/or stretching. Currently, in-person sessions are not available; all one-on-one sessions areĀ  online via Zoom.

$150 per session
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