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Nutrition Coaching

When it comes to losing weight, it’s no secret that regular dietary choices strongly influence results. Advances in technology have changed the way we work and live. Many people spend hours of their day seated behind a computer, without much exercise, while following the standard American diet (SAD).

Diets usually cause many people to think of painful restricted eating patterns. They are often thought of as something temporary, unappealing, flavorless, and overall unenjoyable, which makes them difficult to stick with. It makes sense that most people who engage in strict diet protocols burn out quickly, often putting back on all of the weight they lost and in some cases even more. While it’s common to jump from one diet to the next hoping for different results, what if you took a different approach instead?

The way we were conditioned from a young age strongly influences behavior. All people are conditioned by family, culture, environment, etc. These behaviors are formed from a young age, continue into adulthood if not made conscious, and affect many aspects of life, including the way we eat. For example, if you learned to self-soothe with junk food when experiencing a hard day, this conditioning that started in childhood can be difficult to change without examining the underlying dilemma.

Perhaps you were raised primarily on processed foods and didn’t have much exposure to healthy ones. Heavily processed junk food is engineered with chemicals and additives that make people crave more of it. This often makes it extremely difficult to transition into a new eating pattern, especially when facing other stressful life situations. When triggers inevitably arise in life, our ego will do whatever it can to escape dealing with the emotions the trigger brings up. When the trigger is seen instead as an opportunity to directly view the unconscious mind, the key to freedom from that trigger is made available. While not easy to do, when done consistently, parts that were previously unknown emerge, which is illuminating and ultimately energizing. With more energy and freedom behaviors can change.

Food is a social part of many cultures; it brings people together and makes us happy. When meeting up with friends, family, and sometimes even in business situations, food is likely involved. When we can’t share and indulge in a social setting, this can elicit strong emotions and create resistance to following any diet. A one size fits all, strict diet plan doesn’t honor cultural differences and likely won’t work well for most. You might be wondering how you can be social, not feel restricted, and lose weight. The answer is not in a diet pill or any other extreme measure. It is in exploring the hidden areas of your mind, the unconscious part that calls all the shots without our knowledge.


As someone who doesn’t believe in crash diets or strict protocols, we work together as a team on a deeper level. True freedom is felt when you can take back the power from past conditioning. In our nutrition coaching sessions we will discuss and discover what are your particular must haves, as well as your triggers around eating habits. This gentle exploratory approach gives you insight about yourself that will help you make lasting changes to your health and fitness and is not a predetermined meal plan. Each session lasts 45 minutes via phone or zoom meetings.

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