Conquer your self image
Weight loss

Minimize Pregnancy Related Weight Gain

What does it really take to minimize weight gain, especially during pregnancy and after delivery? Many women struggle with unwanted weight gain during and following pregnancy. Women sacrifice a lot when they decide to become mothers but their body doesn’t have to be on that list.

Conquer your self imageYou’re busy. You’ve tried diets and routines that left you confused. Your confidence in yourself is gone and you feel inadequate. You feel less worthy, stop loving yourself, and doubt your ability to be a good mother and partner. That sexy dress you used to feel great in is a distant memory.

Levels of despair increase every time you try a new program and it fails. You wonder why you even want to lose weight anymore, especially when so many women put on weight after becoming a mom. The hardest thing to do is get back up again after repeatedly failing. It takes courage to get back up and try again, especially when you don’t know specifically what you should do next.

A lack of persistence is one big reason why so many of us fail; when we feel stuck, we just stop instead of shifting our focus. What if you knew the next thing you tried would be a success? You probably wouldn’t waste any more time dwelling on all your failures and you would start back up right away.

There are many components to a big change, so how are you tackling those challenges? Sure, you want fast results, but you’ll get into that sexy little dress much quicker by taking the right steps, rather than just some steps. This is true for any big goal.

Writer Suzy Kassem said, “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” The difference between someone who gets results and one who doesn’t depends so strongly on their ability to keep going, even when it feels so hopeless. You work hard as a mother and deserve to feel and look great.

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