Conflicted with oneself

Making Healthy Changes When You’re Conflicted

Health is so important because the quality of life is directly dependent on it. Everyone knows why they need to be healthy and most people want to be healthy. Why then is it so difficult to make adjustments that will create more health, energy, happiness, etc.?

Conflicted with oneselfThe simple answer is that we are attempting to make lasting changes with the logical, or conscious mind when the emotional, or unconscious mind is calling all the shots. Robert Anthony likens the unconscious mind to a tape player. I love this analogy because it makes clear why we are so resistant to change and explains why we often repeatedly fail to meet goals.

Our lives are governed by the “tape player” and talking consciously to a tape player will not change the “recording”. Young children form ideas about themselves as they grow up in reaction to their environment. Unfortunately, some of these conclusions are incorrect and negatively impact their ability to create what they most want in life.

This doesn’t mean that healthy changes can’t be made. It just means that the traditional elbow grease method isn’t enough. Radical change requires courage, courage to open up and challenge the ideas formed at a young age.

If you don’t believe you can change, you won’t.  You might not even try. Every desire you have is a nudge from a deeper part of you to explore what you have been cut off from. If you trust that your desires will lead you to a deeper and more fulfilling existence, you will develop the courage to follow them through.

As you practice this, you will slowly begin to form new ideas about what is possible. You will start to trust in the power you know you have and you will feel unstoppable.