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How Your Assumptions Keep You Unfit And Unhealthy

assumptions ruin weight loss successChances are you have been on the health and weight loss hamster wheel for a long time. Every new diet and/or exercise routine you try works for a little while, but then brings nothing but more of the same. If you start a new technique, or go back to one that has brought you positive results in the past with the same mindset, you can guarantee that your results won’t be any different than they were the first time you tried. With that said, there are weight loss methods that aren’t healthy and can actually exacerbate health issues or create new problems. For this reason it is best not to assume that a program or technique is safe or healthy without first doing research.

Diets that entirely cut out macronutrients (e.g., carbs) for extended periods of time can have health implications you may not be aware of. Exercise routines that do not balance the body’s entire muscle system and/or do not take into account pre-existing conditions can create injuries or make existing injuries worse.

Once you have determined that a program or routine is best for you, the next step is to check what other assumptions you are bringing to the table, meaning your mindset. Are you spending your hard earned money and your limited time and effort on this program but deep down you really don’t believe it will work, or you see it as deprivation and punishment?

We all make assumptions and when they go unchecked, we fail to see where the root of the problem is and therefore stay stuck. Healthy eating and regular exercise are excellent ways to improve health and facilitate weight loss, but usually aren’t enough to get us to reach our goals. Understanding unconscious conditioning is vital in order to make habit changes. Make a list of all the assumptions you have about diet and exercise before you start another program. This is a start to see what has been unconsciously stopping you. Once illuminated, the story is not longer unconscious and can be worked with for better results.