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How To Choose The Best Exercise Program For Me

There are many fitness and wellness programs out there and you may notice a tendency to jump from one to another when positive results aren’t achieved or sustained. When choosing a program, it is useful to ask yourself why you want to buy that particular program. If it is only for the promised results but you don’t like the instructor or the type of exercise, you may end up feeling like you wasted your money.

I advise choosing a program that you feel called to participate in, one that looks fun or incorporates activity that you like.  Whether it involves going to a group exercise class, a bike ride, or an at home program, it must be something you enjoy and makes you feel accomplished.

With all of the hype and social media posts about new exercises, it is easy to get excited about what you could look like after a month or two, instead of considering whether it is the best fit for you. Extreme routines can be fun but there are many ways to achieve great results. Consistency, rather than intensity, is a better determinant of success.

A good coach you like and trust can accelerate achieving your fitness goals by designing a specific and balanced program that works for you. They can also help you navigate the challenges that arise in adhering to a regular routine. Because being healthy and fit are not a one time achievement, and is a long term commitment, it should and can be a pleasant experience.