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How I Gained Only 17 Pounds In My Pregnancy Without A Perfect Diet

Because recovering from childbirth is much more than just losing pounds (i.e., hormones need to rebalance, bones, organs, and muscles and connective tissue must readjust), having less to lose will offer an advantage after delivering your baby. I, like so many new moms, was scared of what pregnancy might do to my body. I knew how good diet and exercise were but I was still nervous.

Morning sickness plagued me for 24 hours which made healthy eating almost impossible. I stuck mainly to crackers, ginger tea, pop-tarts, some fruits, and snowballs. I still managed to take a prenatal vitamin but was not proud of my diet and was barely able to exercise. Hello mom guilt.

Eating saladBy the 15th week of pregnancy, the morning sickness magically disappeared and I was able to exercise regularly again. I felt like a whole new person; it was great. Though my diet wasn’t as good as it was prior to becoming pregnant, I was able to eat substantially more protein, vegetables, and fruit. Admittedly, I loved carbs and didn’t restrict how many I was getting.

At 28 weeks, I failed the one-hour gestational diabetes test so miserably that I wasn’t even offered the three-hour test. My glucose was 250 and I was SHOCKED and very sad to get the GD diagnosis. After feeling sorry for myself for a day, I fully accepted the diagnosis and became diligent in monitoring my glucose. In doing so, I learned what foods spiked my blood sugar (usually anything processed) and what I could eat more of (homemade lasagna). I also only gained 17 pounds, making it easier to recover.

I wasn’t on a special diet per se, other than I needed to keep my blood sugar within a certain range. No food was necessarily off limits. Instead, serving sizes needed alteration.  After the initial discomfort of substantially reducing the amount of sugar in my diet, my body adjusted nicely and I was able to add more protein and fat to my diet to satiate me.

You might be surprised by how much sugar/carbs I was still getting. I was allowed all three meals with snacks in-between. Some foods were unlimited, meaning that I could eat as much of them as I wanted without worrying about whether my blood sugar would spike.

I felt really good and had plenty of energy for workouts. You don’t have to have a super strict diet or exercise for hours (I only worked out for 30 mins per day) in order to look great while pregnant and resume your pre-pregnancy physique. I realized that I need to share this information with all pregnant women so on February 10th, my first online course will be available for purchase!

Not only will I share all my tips about optimizing blood sugar (which keeps weight gain to a minimum), but I’ll also share my very mild workouts, hydration (not just water), supplements, postpartum care and recovery. Plus a bonus PDF of exactly every morsel of food I ate from the time I was diagnosed with GD to delivery. Why worry about your body when you have so many other things to focus on as a new mom?


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