Fit woman stretching on sidewalk

Hate Fit People?

When you see a fit woman, do you feel envy? Do you curse her in your head and rationalize all the ways in which her life must be miserable in order to look like that? The mind loves to make up stories about everything and everyone. It will never stop for as long as we have a body.

We often unconsciously push away the things we want most out of life; you can’t change what you don’t realize is there. If the story that arises in your mind rationalizes all the ways it isn’t fulfilling to be fit and healthy, how hard that woman must work to look like that, and how unhappy she must be because she can’t eat foods everyone loves, then you are sending a clear message to yourself that you don’t want that and will subsequently cause your ego to sabotage any further efforts made to lose weight.

When you feel torn, that is another way to sabotage results because if you don’t give your mind a clear direction to take, it will take none at all. Do not panic if you are torn, there are ways to work with this so that you can get clear about what you want and why you want it. It takes some effort and elbow grease but persistence is rewarding.

I don’t know about you but every single good thing I have in my life today is because I kept cracking at it. The desire to grow must be there. When motivation feels faint, that’s when a good coach comes in to help you clear the mental barriers. Health and fitness is a billion dollar industry but rising health care costs and rates of obesity show us that this investment isn’t paying off. It starts in the mind. We will never be or have that which we cannot see first in our mind. Your limitations are whatever you believe they are. Without coaching, I would never be where I am today because I was unconscious of my own limitations and barriers. You deserve to feel and look good; take conscious control of what has been holding you back!