Defeated woman

Feel Good In Your Changing (Pregnant) Body Despite Others’ Comments

There’s noting quite like putting on a great outfit and loving the way you look and feel. Women have felt the pressure to look a certain way for decades, including while pregnant. Most of us have spent time, money, and effort on looking great so what can we do when body changes are out of our control?


Defeated womanIf you’ve ever heard an off-putting comment about your body, whether pregnant, newly postpartum, or otherwise, it can be upsetting. Sometimes you might even imagine what others are thinking about your physique which also leaves you with a bad feeling. Then you fear always looking a certain way or that it’ll get worse.

Though the ego’s job is to incessantly worry and judge ourselves, there is a way to work with these fears, while taking action so that we are more comfortable from the inside out. When fear becomes paralyzing or even causes us to act in ways that might self-sabotage our success, it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This makes questioning our assumptions and judgements even more crucial.

The stories we tell ourselves, whether negative or positive, gain momentum so if left unchecked (by us) they will become louder. Begin to pay attention to (it helps to write it down) comments made by others or ones you notice you’re thinking. As you get them down on paper, expand on your ideas about the judgements. Write out what these judgements mean about you.

As you stay with this practice, you will begin to notice how some of the stories are exaggerated or untrue. This loosens their power, which allows you to take action without all the added pressure of being perfect. The rewards of self-awareness are life-changing and essential for true self-acceptance.