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Doomed If You Hate Traditional Exercise Programs?

Not even a little bit!  Everyone has different preferences which makes us unique. If we all liked the same types of clothes, foods, or even people, there would be no variety and life would be pretty bland. What works for one is not necessarily guaranteed to work for another. Many exercise and health professionals have found a method or technique that they love and want to share with everyone because it has positively impacted their life. This is wonderful and should be shared but may not work for everyone.

​If you found an exercise you love, do it! Don’t question it. If you hate typical exercise routines but you loved swimming as a kid, a water program may be best for you. If running kills your knees and takes too much energy to sustain for more than a block or two, walking (although sometimes underrated) can burn tons of calories, especially if done briskly. If the idea of the stair climber makes you wanna barf but you love the outdoors, a hike is a wonderful substitute.

​I would go so far to say that submitting yourself to an exercise program that you hate, even if you make strength and health gains, is not a good idea. If your routine is perceived as a punishment, you aren’t setting yourself up for long term success. Most of us respond positively and are more likely to carry out our fitness plan if we have some affinity for our activity of choice.

Don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t found what best suits you. Start by spending time thinking about what you enjoyed in the past or as a kid. Maybe you enjoyed going for walks with your grandmother, or loved jumping on the trampoline. Question what you enjoyed most about that activity and try to recreate that in your life today.