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    Using Visualization For Weight Loss

    Olympic athletes use visualization when preparing for their event. Not only do they visualize the win but they visualize the obstacles they might encounter during the event and how they will move effectively through each. By seeing possible obstacles ahead of time, they are setting the stage for success by coming prepared with tools to manage them. Does this mean we have to be, train, or compare ourselves to olympians? No, but we can learn from them. They spend time thinking about their goals and contemplate their actions ahead of time; we can apply this technique too. When I first started out as a trainer, I couldn’t do a pull-up. Honestly,…

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    How To Choose The Best Exercise Program For Me

    There are many fitness and wellness programs out there and you may notice a tendency to jump from one to another when positive results aren’t achieved or sustained. When choosing a program, it is useful to ask yourself why you want to buy that particular program. If it is only for the promised results but you don’t like the instructor or the type of exercise, you may end up feeling like you wasted your money. I advise choosing a program that you feel called to participate in, one that looks fun or incorporates activity that you like.  Whether it involves going to a group exercise class, a bike ride, or…

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