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Achieve Lasting Results While Training Online

online personal trainingYou have likely tried diets and exercise programs that haven’t worked well for you. Perhaps initially you lost some poundage, but not long after you put it all back on; maybe even more than what you started with. This is defeating and makes it easy to tune out preaching professionals concerning healthy lifestyle choices. What if it didn’t work because you didn’t truly understand what was best for YOUR body? It’s tempting to jump on the latest and greatest diet/fitness fad wagon. While they may produce results for some, it may not work for others and worse, might cause health issues. It’s exciting to dive into a new program but many times we take on WAY TOO MUCH all at one time. It is almost as if we have it in our heads that losing weight and improving fitness is achieved much like ripping off a band-aid. We want it so badly to be one-and-done but it doesn’t work that way.

Here’s the thing though, while that last statement might sound like bad news, it doesn’t mean that your health and fitness approach needs to be this arduous, grueling torture you must put yourself through. I believe it is a disservice to promote popular crash diets and extreme fitness programs to the general public as a solution to their health and fitness concerns. You can and should take a day by day approach to improving your health and fitness without doing things you cannot or do not want to do. If the one size fits all method hasn’t worked for you, it is worth exploring and experimenting with other tactics to find what does.

Finding a good coach who listens and takes into account what your specific needs and lifestyle values are is imperative for YOUR success. A good coach is someone who understands and designs your specific program around you. The more individualized your program is, the more success you will reap. This is primarily why blanket meal plans and extreme fitness protocols don’t work; they have nothing to do with your preferences and don’t consider outside distractions.

We are so conditioned to believe that a healthy lifestyle means punishment and withholding of what we most want. Training and nutrition coaching online makes it enjoyable, affordable, and sustainable. It gives you much more flexibility to exercise at a time that feels ideal for you and gives you the freedom to break up your exercise sessions throughout the day if that feels best for you. There are no cancellation fees and coaching online allows you more access to your coach so that you can check in regularly with questions or concerns. Perhaps the most fun part about online coaching is that it works around your values and doesn’t ever push you into a specific diet or routine that you will end up hating.

When you honor yourself both physically and mentally, positive changes begin to happen. Start small and gradually build up. No more depleted energy; no more unsustainable expectations, no more hating yourself for another failed attempt. Mind-to-Size nutrition coaching, fitness programs, and life coaching allow you to work at your own pace. If you want to lose weight quickly, you can. If you face lots of resistance and want to work at a slower pace, that works too. The point is, you will make health and fitness gains which leaves you feeling wonderful and empowered to do everything you set out to do.