4 Tips for a Happy and Comfortable Pregnancy

4 Tips for a Happy and Comfortable Pregnancy

Rapid changes are taking place in a woman’s body during pregnancy. Skin and muscles are stretched, hormones have increased, organs and bones are shifting, etc. Just because all of this is happening at once doesn’t mean she must suffer.

4 Tips for a Happy and Comfortable PregnancyThough our bodies don’t speak to us using language, there are other clues to indicate to us when something is off. Pain and discomfort demonstrate which part of the body is in need of attention. Supporting the body’s tissues can minimize or eliminate discomfort, even during this rapid change.

Strength training is my number one recommendation to women who are either trying to conceive or who are already pregnant. Strong muscles and connective tissue assist in maintaining good posture, help take some of the burden off of the stretching skin, and are better able to support the weight of the growing baby. Moms who are fit and strong while pregnant usually recover faster, with less pooching after delivery.

Eat real and organic foods whenever possible. The prenatal vitamin is important but will not make up for an unhealthy diet. Foods that are highly processed and full of sugar should be avoided. Organic foods help limit exposure to harmful chemicals. Real foods provide the best sources of vitamins and minerals so choose wisely.

Work with a good women’s pelvic physical therapist. As tissues, organs, and bones shift there is often pain associated with these changes. You don’t have to suffer through these pains and a good PT can help you with this monumental transition your body is experiencing. Often adjustments are easily done in a session or two and your insurance will likely cover the expense.

Consider using a doula. Stress has been shown to lead to pelvic pain and may cause other problems in pregnancy. Doulas often provide comfort throughout.

4 Tips- Happy and Comfortable Pregnancy