Stay Toned While Pregnant So You Look Like You’ve Never Had A Baby (After Delivery)!


Become the toned mom everyone is jealous of

postnatal woman with baby

Motherhood demands a lot from you – don’t let your diet and fitness routine do the same


It’s scary to think about how pregnancy will change your body.

Loose skin, stretch marks, and extra weight are terrifying!

How can you stay toned while pregnant when you’re not 100% sure how to, with low motivation and limited time?

Step one:

Schedule a consultation with Julia

Step two:

Train online with Julia

Step three:

Recover (after delivery) in 12 weeks (or less) as a Toned, Sexy Mama


The idea of complicated recipes or hours in the gym is the last thing you want to do.

You’re tired and you need this to be simple, doable, and quick!

We understand how scary it can be when your body changes so quickly while pregnant.

It can feel overwhelming and out of control.

Don’t believe, like so many do, that your body degrades after having a baby.

Give yourself permission to look and feel amazing as a new mom!


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If all you want are carbs, have morning sickness, or you don’t have the time or motivation to plan what you should eat while pregnant:

Eating saladDoes the thought of many foods make you want to barf, particularly healthy ones? Or is your body telling you, “give me all the carbs”?

Hormone production ramps way up when you become pregnant. This leads to some noticeable (and not so noticeable) changes in your body. Many of these early on changes are annoying and are hard to deal with, such as needing to pee constantly and morning sickness.

You had a healthy routine before becoming pregnant that worked for you. You are familiar with clean eating but now you’re nauseated, exhausted, and you don’t have time to figure it all out. It’s easier to grab pastries, chips, and cereal. You tell yourself that you’ll clean up your diet after pregnancy.

Eating lots of processed foods only makes the problem worse though. It causes extra, unwanted weight gain, is a poor source of fuel, and can tank your energy levels even lower, which makes you feel bad.

Most diet and exercise programs are too demanding and restrictive which makes them not effective for most women.

You don’t need more dietary restriction or more intense exercise.
You have tried doing more, so now why not try doing less?
It might sound counterintuitive but the easier it is the more likely you are to stick with it, which makes you feel great.


Getting compliments on the way you look always feels nice. Knowing your body is fit, strong, and healthy for motherhood breeds confidence. Choosing your clothing because you love that dress, rather than trying to hide behind it, makes shopping fun!

It’s all about you, mama! You deserve to have a baby and look sexy as a new mom!

Julia Broome guides women in creating a healthy body that is primed and ready for pregnancy, strong and comfortable throughout pregnancy, recovers quickly post-delivery, and is maintained for life.