Committed to helping women have a healthy and strong pregnancy for themselves and their babies

-Feel good in your body and give your child a healthy start

In life we face obstacles nearly every day, including health and fitness challenges. Work, having children, a sedentary lifestyle, family obligations, aging, and disease can often seem like barriers to achieving optimal health and feeling good.

Sheer willpower only works to a point; this explains why most resolutions to lose weight and get fit fail within weeks or months. This endless cycle of gaining weight, searching for the perfect diet/exercise routine, losing some, and starting all over again when it fails passes down to subsequent generations. So how can you start a family of your own and not worry about hiding from your child your weight and health struggles?

Pregnancy is often the best opportunity for women to begin a new health routine that benefits both mom and baby. Mind-to-Size uses an inside-out method of understanding how we can reclaim our goals from self-sabotage using our mind and body.  Mind-to-Size’s head coach, Julia Broome, guides women in creating a healthy body that is primed and ready for pregnancy, strong and comfortable throughout pregnancy, recovers quickly post-delivery, and maintains it for life.

Personal training, nutrition coaching, and life coaching packaged together deliver a higher probability of success in attaining health and fitness goals. Many trainers only understand how to work with the body to achieve immediate results, and this works. BUT…if the deeper elements of the client’s mind, in relation to exercise adherence and healthy eating patterns, are not illuminated, the results are often not sustained.

Mind-to-Size offers the missing piece for long term success in health and fitness. The body follows the mind; the body does what the mind tells it to do.  Take control of your mind in order to step into your ideal self.


Why Prenatal and Postnatal Health are Important:

Many families notoriously struggle with weight management and associated diseases in an endless cycle, one generation after the next. Healthy adaptations during the most formative years (i.e., during pregnancy, infancy, and childhood) are effective in eliminating this destructive pattern in families.

Beyond reducing unwanted weight and the presence of disease, it is crucial to note that regular exercise, wholesome foods, plentiful sleep, and stress reduction, prime a woman’s body for pregnancy, delivery, and a swift return to her pre-pregnancy body. Recent and compelling studies outline the differences among pregnant women who regularly engage in exercise and other healthy practices from those who don’t. Examples range from influencing dietary preferences in children, to genetic expression in children, and beyond.

Pregnancy is a key time for new parents to learn more about the impact healthy behaviors have on both mom and baby. A new mom may find that her level of motivation to begin a healthier lifestyle is greater because she is now considering her baby’s health too. Not only will this influence the health of the child, it will also prepare new moms for the physical demands of being a parent.